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Why Buy from Us?

We want our customers to feel comfortable buying from our online store. Please consider the following factors when making a buying decision:


Transaction Safety and Security

Our store features SSL encryption so customer payment or shipping information cannot be exposed to third parties. In addition, all payment processing is performed by PayPal so there is virtually no risk of your information being intercepted by hackers or other nefarious characters. We also know that privacy is important to our customers therefore we will never share any customer information with others.

IMPORTANT: A PayPal account is not needed to use a credit card for payment.

More information is available at PayPal's website


Customer Service

We strive to provide unmatched customer service. Our Contact Us page can and should be used to send us any product, store, or policy questions or concerns and we will address them in a timely fashion. If there are additional products you would like to see in our store, please let us know and we will do our best to satisfy your wishes. If a product does not meet your expectations we will work with you to make things right.


Actual Product Photos

We take all our own high resolution photos of the actual products in our store so our customers can see exactly what they are buying.


Batteries Included

We include all necessary batteries with any products that require them free of charge. This means our customers can start using their products immediately upon receipt without the added hassle and expense of locating, purchasing, and installing appropriate batteries.


Used or Refurbished Products

Certain products in our store have been previously used or refurbished. If a product has been used or refurbished it will be clearly marked as such on its product page. Any remaining product defects will also be clearly indicated in the product description and shown in product photos. All used or refurbished products are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to addition to our store.



We have refurbished and sold calculators and other electronic devices for many years and have an extensive background in electronics and computer repair.


Competitive Pricing

As a small business, we carefully research our competitors to determine the best prices for our products. We also continually review our internal processes and policies to identify and remove any unnecessary overhead to keep prices low for our customers.


Shipping Options

We offer a wide array of shipping options to enable our customers to control shipping costs. The weights indicated on the product pages are the actual weights of the products and do not include batteries or shipping materials.

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